Best Residential School in Dehradun

Gurukul in India

The school is the first step of professional learning for a human wherein he learns how to learn, remember and implement the concepts taught. Boarding school is where he learns how to create and live in a small society of people in the same league. The Best Boarding Schools India are established in Dehradun – the city of beauty situated in the foothills of great Himalayas offers a very calm place which keeps the hearts and souls happy and fresh to great depths. Breathing and learning in the serene ambiance of Dehradun develop an attitude of positiveness in the minds of students where they learn to see the things in a highly creative manner.

The beauty of nature also helps students get adjusted to the hostel life very quickly. The attractive surroundings bring up students together and help in creating a collaborative society among them very quickly. At Tula’s the Top Boarding School in Dehradun, students and teachers live in a very friendly environment where learning from each other and helping each other is taught as the most important moral trait in addition to many others.

Tula’s the Best of top Residential Schools in India is well known for the quality of education provided to students through highly informative and effective learning practices. Highly qualified and experienced faculty has devised a curriculum that, in addition to the education standards laid by CBSE, puts special stress on learning with doing. At Tula’s, the concepts are demonstrated with live examples to ensure better learning and deep understanding by the students. Regular assignments are allotted to the student for additional practicing. Well equipped computer and other labs offer limitless learning and practicing opportunities to the students.

This Top Boarding School Dehradun ensures the high level of health control by providing hygienic meals in hostel mess as well as the canteen. The rooms in the hostel are airy and well lighted with adequate furniture to provide a homely living environment. Special events are organized in the hostel to strengthen the bond of students. Extra security measures taken by this best residential CBSE School Dehradun create a feeling of security in the minds of students.

Tula’s – the Best CBSE Residential School in Dehradun laid keen focus on overall personality development of students by organizing contests and event on regular basis. At this Best Residential CBSE School Dehradun, students learn by doing important tasks, roles, and duties in various activities. Physical fitness is ensured through regular medical checkups in the in-house medical facility. Students are encouraged to participate in sports activities that help in strengthening their physique as well as mental toughness. Students are also taken on educational and excursion trips to provide exposure in industrial applications of concepts they learn.

Thus, this Top of Best Boarding Dehradun Schools provides the best-in-class learning environment to its students.